The 5T Beauty Academy offers four competitive beauty courses


Manicurist Course

5T Beauty Academy provides the required 300hrs of Manicurist education required to obtain your licensure. Students in our nails program learn about manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, fills, gels, tips, and creative designs, as well as the business skills needed to thrive in the current and future nail industry.

Technical areas covered in this course: (1) Art, design and trends for manicures and pedicures, (2) Basic, French and American manicures, (3) Conditioning manicures, (4) Moisturizing wax treatments, (5) Arm massages, (6) Pedicures and foot massages, (7) Nail designs, (8) Nail gels, tips and wraps, (9) Acrylic nails, (10) Safety, sterilization and sanitation, (11) Massage techniques for hands, arms and feet and so much more!

Esthetic Course

5T Beauty Academy provides 600hrs of Esthetic education required to obtain your licensure. Here, you will learn hands-on skincare techniques and theory in hair removal, waxing, brow design, makeup, facials, facial massage, use of facial machines, and skin therapy.

The following technical areas are covered in this course: (1)Skin treatments and infection control,
(2)Sanitation and safety,
(3)The physiology of the skin,
(4)Consultations and service protocols,
(5)Analysis, chemistry, exfoliation, extractions,
(6)Electricity and electrotherapy,
(7)Ingredient and product technology,
(8)Hair removal, waxing, brow design, and makeup,
(9)State laws and regulations, and so much more!

Master Educator Course

Our Master Educator program uses various methodologies to teach instructors how to facilitate theory and practical lessons, along with the necessary skill sets to evaluate student performance with proper coaching and feedback, and to prepare students for their cosmetology, barbering, or esthetician state board examination.

Continuing Education

5T Beauty Academy offers various opportunities for continued education in the beauty industry including an array of online courses.

Come experience the JOY of a 5T graduation.